Hi, I’m Gabriel Ting, a sophomore at Vanderbilt University triple majoring in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, and Asian Studies. This is my blog, a space to put things that are an intersection of personal and professional interests.

I built this blog with Hugo and Netlify–I still have my separate old porfolio site. As I move through my life, I hope that this will serve as a record for what I’ve done, places I’ve been, and what I hope to do.

A Brief Timeline of Selected Work & Projects:


October 2018 - Current

  • Working for Juni Learning as a Computer Science Instructor
  • Achieved high of #2 on Google results for query “algorithms for kids,” writing for the company blog on topics such as algorithms, recursion, and college computer science programs

December 2018 - Current


February 2019

  • At HackIllinois, published a lightweight source mapping package to NPM by writing a JavaScript algorithm to parse Base64 VLQ (Variable Length Query) segments

May 2019 - July 2019:

  • Working for Vanguard on Global Investments and Financials as a Application Development Intern